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Patrick M. Maundu

Grace W. Ngugi and Christine H.S. Kabuye


Kenya Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge (KENRIK)


Published by Kenya Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge (KENRIK)
National Museums of Kenya
P.O. Box 40658
Nairobi, Kenya

© 1999 National Museums of Kenya

ITK: All rights reserved

Be advised that the indigenous traditional knowledge contained in this volume has been given in good faith as a contribution to the common good and the furtherance of mutual understanding and the preservation of all life on our planet and not to be used for personal or commercial gain and must be treated with respect and used only for the purpose for which it was gifted. Anyone who reads this volume assumes the moral and ethical obligations implied by this statement.

Editing: Caroline Agola, P.O. Box 21582, Nairobi

Design, layout and typesetting: Graeme Backhurst, P.O. Box 15194, Nairobi

Cover photographs (clockwise from top left): Vangueria infausta, Acokanthera oppositifolia, Uvaria scheffleri, Citrullus lanatus, Nymphaea nouchali, Thylachium thomasii

Photographs: All by Patrick Maundu except Hyphaene compressa, plate 3, which is by David Lowe

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Traditional food plants of Kenya/Patrick M. Maundu, Grace W. Ngugi and Christine H.S. Kabuye-
Nairobi, Kenya: National Museums of Kenya, 1999
Bibliography: p.

ISBN 9966-9861-4-6

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