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View the document Hierarchical self-organization in genetic programming - Justinian P. Rosca and Dana H. Ballard - 1994
View the document Using genetic search to refine knowledge-based neural networks - David W. Opitz and Jude W. Shavlik - 1994
View the document Genetic programming and deductive-inductive learning: a multi-strategy approach - Ricardo Aler, Daniel Borrajo and Pedro Isasi - 1998
View the document Learning with Genetic Algorithms: An Overview - Kenneth De Jong - 1988
View the document Special Issue on Genetic Algorithms - K. D. Jong - October 1990
View the document Removing the genetics from the standard genetic algorithm - Shumeet Baluja and Rich Caruana - 1995
View the document What Makes a Problem Hard for a Genetic Algorithm? Some Anomalous Results and Their Explanation - Stephanie Forrest and Melanie Mitchell - 1993
View the document Genetic Algorithms, Operators, and DNA Fragment Assembly - Rebecca J. Parsons, Stephanie Forrest and Christian Burks - 1995
View the document Learning disjunctive concepts by means of genetic algorithms - Attilio Giordana, Lorenza Saitta and Floriano Zini - 1994
View the document Using the Genetic Algorithm to Reduce the Size of a Nearest-Neighbor Classifier and to Select Relevant Attributes - Antonin Rozsypal and Miroslav Kubat - 2001
View the document Learning Classification Programs: The Genetic Algorithm Approach - Attilio Giordana and Giuseppe Lo Bello - 1998
View the document On genetic algorithms - Eric B. Baum, Dan Boneh and Charles Garrett - 1995
View the document Informed parsimonious inference of prototypical genetic sequences - A. Milosavljevi'c, D. Haussler and J. Jurka - 1989
View the document Unsupervised Learning of Word Segmentation Rules with Genetic Algorithms and Inductive Logic Programming - Dimitar Kazakov and Suresh Manandhar - 2001
View the document Cost-sensitive feature reduction applied to a hybrid genetic algorithm - Nada Lavra─Ź, Dragan Gamberger and Peter Turney - 1996
View the document Using Genetic Algorithms for Concept Learning - Kenneth A. De Jong, William M. Spears and Diana F. Gordon - 1993
View the document External Control in Markovian Genetic Regulatory Networks - Aniruddha Datta, Ashish Choudhary, Michael L. Bittner and Edward R. Dougherty - 2003
View the document Identification of genetic networks by strategic gene disruptions and gene overexpressions under a boolean model - Tatsuya Akutsu, Satoru Kuhara, Osamu Maruyama and Satoru Miyano - 2003
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