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Wiebke House

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Institution Name: Taylor University
Original/Historic Place Name: Wiebke House
Location on Campus: (Fort Wayne campus)
Date(s) of Construction:
1860original construction
Designer: unknown
Type of Place: Individual building
Style: Victorian (Glossary)
Narrative: see below
References: see below
Foundation: concrete
Walls: wood stud, plaster
Roof: shingle
ca. 1860president's house (of Fort Wayne Bible College/Summit Christian College)
presentresidence hall

Wiebke House was the original homestead house to the property when it was donated to the Fort Wayne Bible College. It has served as the home for the president of the Fort Wayne Bible College, and has been used for office space. Currently the facility serves as a residence hall for upper class women.

from a report 8-04-2004:
The Wiebke homestead (built in 1882) is the oldest building on campus and sits on a site considered to be the most feasible for new residence facilities. Both the age and the condition of the facility are significant factors that have been taken into consideration when contemplating this plot of land for future/new residence facilties. "Taylor University spoke with ARCH, Fort Wayne's historic preservation society, in May about preservation of the home," Mr. Steven Olson, associate vice president for business and finance, begins, "ARCH added Wiebke to the endangered historic homes list. Taylor University offered to donate the home to anyone wishing to pay to remove it, and although there were a couple inquiries, no one has confirmed a desire to acquire the home." Olson adds, "Although the home has been maintained by the University for the last 50 years, Wiebke has deteriorated to the point that the cost to restore/renovate it for respectable use by the University is not feasible."
Wiebke House served as a private residence for 70 years and became part of the campus property when the remaining eight acres were purchased in 1958. A life-lease on the house was a condition of the purchase, as Miss Emma Wiebke, one of the four Wiebke children, continued to reside in the house. After failing health caused her to be moved into a nursing home in 1959, the property was released from the life-estate condition. Modernization of the house was completed in 1966.
Due to the significant deterioration of the home and no outside interest to redeem the home, it is scheduled to be razed the week of August 9, 2004.


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