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Campus plan

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Institution Name: Union College (NY)
Original/Historic Place Name: Campus Plan
Location on Campus: 807 Union St.
Date(s) of Construction:
1813original plan Ramée, Joseph-Jacques
Designer: Joseph-Jacques Ramée
Type of Place: Campus arrangement
Style: (Glossary)
Narrative: see below
References: see below
1813-present (2006)master plan (campus)

The French born, peripatetic architect Joseph-Jacques Ramée arrived at Union College serendipitously as he was returning to Philadelphia from a trip through upstate New York in January 1813. There he met Eliphalet Nott, who commissioned him to design the campus of Union College. Ramée worked on the Union College plans for two years and oversaw the early construction of North and South Colleges. Ramée's plans for the campus were fully realized in 1967 with the completion of the humanities and social sciences buildings. Although the College has remained faithful to the salient elements of Ramée's master plan, the original thirty drawings were misplaced and not discovered until 1932. They are now safely located in the Schaffer Library Special Collections.

"Much of the character of a college is expressed in its physical form its buildings, open spaces and landscaping. Most American campuses have grown more-or-less haphazardly; only a few reveal a strong vision of planning that has shaped the entire school over time. One of these, the Union College campus, is a milestone in the history of American collegiate architecture, for Joseph Ramée's 1813 master plan of Union was the most ambitious and innovative design for an American school up to that time and became a model for later campuses. The crucial elements of the plan created by Joseph-Jacques Ramée and Eliphalet Nott integrated buildings defining a great courtyard, centering on a domed rotunda and looking west across the College Pasture have served for 190 years as the visible symbol of the College's bold ambitions and ideals." (Paul Turner)


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