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Bedford Hall

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Institution Name: Voorhees College
Original/Historic Place Name: Bedford Hall
Location on Campus: Academic Circle
Date(s) of Construction:
1912original construction
Designer: unknown
Type of Place: Individual building
Style: Romanesque revival (Glossary)
Significance: architecture, education, history
Narrative: see below
References: see below
Walls: brick
ca. 1912dining hall
ca. 2004-present (2006)other (laboratories)
ca. 2004-present (2006)other (Family Life Center)
ca. 2004-present (2006)academic department building (Division of Social Sciences)

Bedford Hall was given by Miss Elizabeth Voorhees in 1921 to serve as the first specifically-designed dining hall for boarding students and faculty members. It was named in honor of the memory of the Rev. Robert C. Bedford of Beloit, Wisconsin, a member of the first board of trustees. Today, the building houses the Division of Social Sciences and the Family Life Center.


Voorhees College Historic District. National Register of Historic Places designation report. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of the Interior/National Park Service, 1982.


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