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North Hall and South Hall

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Institution Name: Salve Regina University
Original/Historic Place Name: Vinland Hennery
Location on Campus: Ochre Point Ave.
Date(s) of Construction:
1884-1885original construction Peabody & Stearns
Designer: Peabody & Stearns
Type of Place: Individual building
Style: Victorian, Other (Glossary)
Significance: architecture, culture, history
Narrative: see below
References: see below
Roof: gambrel-roofed, shingle style; now replaced by modern asphalt shingles
1885-1962other (hennery)
ca. 2004-present (2006)infirmary (health services)
ca. 2004-present (2006)faculty offices

North and South Halls, turn-of-the-century Shingle Style cottages situated across from Ochre Court and joined by a large wooden central archway, were originally the hennery and henkeeper's cottage. They were part of Vinland Estate, originally owned by Catherine Lorillard Wolfe. They were made part of the Whitholme estate in 1901, owned by Dr. and Mrs. Barton Jacobs. Prior to being purchased by Salve Regina in 1962, the buildings were also used by the Hatch School, a private preparatory school, for faculty housing.

In the past thirty years, the interior of the building was converted to offices using modern materials. New windows and several doors were installed at the same time, and several decorative features, such as the dovecote and finials, have disappeared. Restoration was carried out by Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects. There are plans to replace the wood shingle roof and wood shingle siding.


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