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Walk of Fame

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Institution Name: Rollins College
Original/Historic Place Name: Walk of Fame
Location on Campus: Mills Lawn
Date(s) of Construction:
1929original construction
1989restoration; redesign
Type of Place: Landscape site
Style: (Glossary)
Significance: history
Narrative: see below
References: see below
ca. 1929-present (2006)outdoor space
ca. 1929-present (2006)memorial site

The Walk of Fame was created by Rollins' eighth president, Hamilton Holt, in 1929. His original collection of 22 stones from the birthplaces of historically important individuals has grown to 528 today, ranging from John Adams to Zeus (Mount Olympus). (It is reported that the Walk contained more than 800 stones by the early 1950s, but a number were lost and some were damaged.) The millstone that heads the Walk of Fame, which reads "Sermons in stone and good in everything" (a quotation from As You Like It), was transported from Connecticut by two Rollins students in 1933.

Holt encouraged Rollins students, faculty, staff, and alumni to collect additions for the Walk as they traveled, and established the criterion that only stones honoring the nationally or internationally known would be accepted. A number of the Walk of Fame honorees participated in the ceremonies placing their stones in the Walk, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman in Holt's day, and Edward Albee and Maya Angelou in recent years. Rollins' is believed to be the oldest walk of fame in the U.S.--beating Hollywood, California's by more than a quarter century.


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