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Institution Name: Mary Baldwin College
Original/Historic Place Name: Staunton Military Academy
Location on Campus: Deming Dr.
Date(s) of Construction:
1976original purchase of property
Type of Place: Building group
Style: Federal, Italianate, Beaux-Arts classicism (Glossary)
Significance: architecture, education, history
Narrative: see below
References: see below
1976-present (2006)student union (Student Activities Center)
1976-present (2006)residence hall (Kable Residence Hall)
1976-present (2006)president's house
1976-present (2006)administration (Deming Hall, Student Activities Center, Institutional Advancement / Business Office, president's house, Kable House, Sena Center for Career and Life Development)
2001-present (2006)memorial site
2001-present (2006)museum
n.d.other (Staunton Military Academy)

The SMA (Staunton Military Academy) property was purchased in 1976 by Mary Baldwin College after the academy closed. Five original buildings still remain in use by Mary Baldwin, which are now known as: Kable Residence Hall, Deming Hall, the Student Activities Center/ Institutional Advancement/ Business Office, the President's home, and Kable House/ Sena Center for Career and Life Development. During the years of the academy, Kable Residence Hall held the swimming pool, Deming Hall served as the gymnasium, the Student Activities Center was the Mess Hall, the President's home was the home to SMA's Superintendent, and Kable House was the home to SMA's founder, Capt. William Hartman Kable.

Mary Baldwin College and the Staunton Military Academy Alumni Association announced in July of 2001 the establishment of an archival display area and museum at 227 Kable Street across from the MBC President's Home, on part of the campus once owned by SMA. Funds were provided by the SMA Alumni Association and Hunter W. Henry Jr., who also funded a memorial wall outside the museum displaying names of SMA/VWIL cadets killed in U.S. military actions.


Menk, Patricia. To Live in Time: The Sesquicentennial History of Mary Baldwin College. Verona, VA: Mid Valley Press, 1992.


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