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Ward Memorial Arch

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Institution Name: McDaniel College
Original/Historic Place Name: Ward Memorial Arch
Location on Campus: Southeast campus at the corner of Union St. and Main St.
Date(s) of Construction:
1898original construction
Type of Place: Landscape site
Style: (Glossary)
Significance: education, landscape, religion
Narrative: see below
References: see below
1898-present (2006)outdoor space (marks entrance to college)
1898-present (2006)memorial site (to James Thomas Ward, first president of the college)

James T. Ward (1820-1897) was the founding president of Western Maryland College, and it was through his almost superhuman efforts that the fledgling college survived. A devout Methodist Protestant clergyman, he taught moral philosophy, Latin, and Greek in the early college in addition to being the college's sole administrator. He sought out students, enrolled them, preached to them in chapel, sent them their grades, and occasionally disciplined them. A well-read man with a large library, he made his knowledge and his books available to his students. He was much beloved and revered, not only as the college's president but also as a fine human being. After 19 years as president, he retired from the many pressures of a growing institution and turned the reins over to his son-in-law, Thomas Hamilton Lewis. Then Ward took over Lewis's job as president of the newly formed Westminster Theological Seminary, a post he would hold until his death eleven years later. He also served as secretary of the College's Board of Trustees for 14 years and as its chairman for five years. After his death, his former students erected his engraved tombstone in tribute to this "wonderful" man. His niece funded the erection of a stone memorial arch over the main college drive in 1898. The arch stood there until 1937, when it became too narrow for automobile traffic. It was moved, stone by stone, to a location on the corner of the campus facing downtown where it has stood ever since. As part of the renaming of the college in 2002, a new logo was designed that incorporates a stylized form of the Ward Memorial Arch, a testimony to the arch's symbolic value to the College.


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